Schonbek Crystal Chandeliers

Worldwide leader in crystal chandeliers.

About The Designer

In 1870, Adolf Schonbek walked away from the family glassworks to start his own business in Bohemia, a classic source of the world’s finest crystal. Soon Adolf was manufacturing complete glass chandeliers.

In London, the Queen’s agent ordered Schonbek crystal for Buckingham Palace. In America Schonbek crystal found its way into the White House. Not surprisingly, Adolf’s business flourished.

World wars and trade wars came and went, and Arnold Schonbek, Adolf’s grandson, lost his factories first to the Nazis, then to the Communists. After escaping from a tumultuous Europe, Arnold re-established his company in Montreal and eventually moved the headquarters to the United States.

Today Schonbek is the leader worldwide in the design and manufacturing of crystal chandeliers. Drawing on a rich heritage to revitalize the great styles of the past, Schonbek is constantly reinventing crystal to be perfectly at home in contemporary rooms. As a result, Schonbek designs are probably the most-imitated chandeliers in the world.

In 2007 Schonbek was acquired by Swarovski, the world leader in the production of fine cut crystal. Together they bring a potent new mix of creativity to the world of home fashion.